Travel Nursing Jobs in South Carolina

Experience true Southern history and culture with travel nursing jobs in South Carolina. See the enchanting cities of Charleston, Georgetown and Beaufort where, walking among the moss-draped oaks, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of a movie. South Carolina has 280 miles of warm Atlantic coastline, so finding a sunny spot on a beautiful beach is never a problem. Explore the far northwestern region of the state, known as Upcountry, where the Blue Ridge Mountains begin and 12 state parks offer trails, rivers and lakes ready for outdoor adventure. View our available South Carolina travel nursing jobs below.

Travel Nurse Across America is the travel nursing agency for you – in South Carolina and across the country! We offer competitive travel nursing pay, excellent benefits and personal service to each of our nurses.

Here’s a list of travel nursing jobs by occupation and specialty. Click on your specialty to see all of the positions available in South Carolina.

Specialty Openings
CathLab RN 2 View Jobs
CVOR RN 1 View Jobs
Endo RN 1 View Jobs
ICU RN 3 View Jobs
LD RN 1 View Jobs
MedSurg RN 2 View Jobs
OR RN 4 View Jobs
PACU RN 1 View Jobs
Radiology RN 1 View Jobs
TELE RN 5 View Jobs

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More about South Carolina

Blue Ridge, Blue Ocean

The Blue Ridge Mountains lift the northwest corner of South Carolina to the state's highest elevations. This is the southwest edge of the Appalachians, where they mellow into oak-covered hills. Resident woodchucks whistle warnings at the approach of their enemy, the red fox, and in spring the under story is tinted with mountain laurel and rhododendron blossoms.

Stretching from the Blue Ridge eastward toward the Atlantic Coast is the gently rolling Piedmont. Because this plateau slopes toward the coast, rivers flow quickly through its reddish soil, creating whitewater opportunities for rafters, who enjoy the pine forests during quieter stretches of water.

Where the Piedmont meets the lower Atlantic Coastal Plain - known as the Low Country - the rivers drop suddenly over an escarpment called the fall line. The sea once washed against this escarpment, and the sands of ancient beaches remain as sandy soils and hills.

On the eastern side of the fall line, the influence of the coast produces typically Southern swamp lands with tupelos, bald cypresses, and moss-draped live oaks.

South Carolina RN Licensure

· Temporary License Time-Frame: 1 day
· Permanent License Time-Frame: 10-14 business days
· Compact (eNLC): Yes
· Walk-Through: Yes
· Cost: $10 (temporary license), $100 (permanent license)
· Application Requirements:  N/A
· Nursys: Yes
· Livescan Fingerprinting: Yes
· Renewal Requirements: One of the following:
· 30 contact hours of CEU
· Certification or recertification by a national certifying body
· Completion of an academic program in nursing or related field
· Employer certification of competency and number of hours practiced
· Renewal Date: Every 2 years
· Website:
· Telephone Number: 803.896.4550