Travel Nursing Jobs in Maryland

Travel nursing jobs in Maryland offer activities everyone can enjoy! With its unique blend of mountains, sea, country and city, Maryland has something to appreciate in every season. Hike the scenic Appalachian Trail or Allegheny Highlands Trail. Explore the Chesapeake Bay area, one of the most popular beach getaways on the East Coast and home to Maryland’s famous crab cakes. Plus, you won’t want to miss the attractions in Maryland’s big cities like Baltimore and Annapolis. View our available Maryland travel nursing jobs below.

Travel Nurse Across America is the travel nursing agency for you – in Maryland and across the country! We offer competitive travel nursing pay, excellent benefits and personal service to each of our nurses.

Here’s a list of travel nursing jobs by occupation and specialty. Click on your specialty to see all of the positions available in Maryland.

Specialty Openings
CathLab RN 3 View Jobs
ER RN 22 View Jobs
ICU RN 12 View Jobs
LD RN 8 View Jobs
MedSurg RN 15 View Jobs
Oncology RN 1 View Jobs
OR RN 10 View Jobs
PACU RN 4 View Jobs
PCU RN 18 View Jobs
PED RN 2 View Jobs
PICU RN 5 View Jobs
Post-partum RN 3 View Jobs
TELE RN 24 View Jobs
Case Mgr RN 1 View Jobs

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More about Maryland

Small in area but large in outlook, Maryland is shaped by dramatic Chesapeake Bay, which separates the Delmarva Peninsula from the rest of Maryland. The Atlantic edge of Maryland's share of the peninsula is sprinkled with sandy barrier islands, including Assateague Island, a national wildlife refuge.

Inland, the level farmland of the peninsula contains unexpected bald cypress swamps.

Chesapeake Bay, on the western shore of the peninsula, supports an abundance of plants and animals. Salt marshes attract migratory birds and waterfowl by the thousands to feed on crab eggs and wild rice.

The level terrain that surrounds the bay on both sides rises higher toward the west, swelling into rolling farmland. This region features fields of tobacco, a Maryland crop that dating from colonial days.

The land continues to rise and fold increasingly toward the northwest, first into the low rolling hills of the Piedmont, where dairy farms dot the fertile valleys, then into the forested ridges of Maryland's small share of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The first bulge of the panhandle is a mostly wooded place, good habitat for wild turkeys.

The farthest triangular reach of the panhandle is roughest of all. This area truly represents the Alleghenies, with white water rivers, forests thick with conifers, and wildlife aplenty.

Maryland RN Licensure

· Temporary License Time-Frame: 48-72 hours
· Permanent License Time-Frame: 4-6 weeks
· Compact (eNLC): Yes
· Walk-Through: No
· Cost: $40 (temporary license), $100 (permanent license)
· Application Requirements:  N/A
· Nursys: Yes
· Livescan Fingerprinting: Yes
· Renewal Requirements: 1000 practice related hours OR board approved refresher course
· Renewal Date: Every 2 years
· Website:
· Telephone Number: 410.585.1900