Travel Nursing Jobs in Maine

Our travel nursing jobs in Maine let you enjoy a unique New England experience. As pretty as a postcard, but as authentic as it gets, Maine’s miles of rugged coastline and picturesque small towns set the scene for big adventure. While Maine is famous for its lighthouses and lobster, it also boasts stunning fall foliage in September and October and premier skiing from mid-November to as late as May. Don’t miss Acadia National Park, which draws thousands of visitors each year. See all of our Maine travel nursing jobs below.

Travel Nurse Across America is the travel nursing agency for you – in Maine and across the country! We offer competitive travel nursing pay, excellent benefits and personal service to each of our nurses.

Here’s a list of travel nursing jobs by occupation and specialty. Click on your specialty to see all of the positions available in Maine.

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More about Maine

A Natural Treasure

Maine covers more than 33,000 square miles (85,470 square kilometers), and is roughly equal in size to the other five New England states combined. This provides plenty of room to hike, bike, camp, sail, ski, or swim.

Seventeen million acres (6,879,900 hectares) of forest blanket more than four-fifths of the state. Moose particularly seem to appreciate Maine's thousands of lakes and ponds. Along the rugged, curving coastline are historic lighthouses, hundreds of islands, and famous Maine lobsters.

Maine radiates a rugged appeal, with mountains along the western border, highlands through the center of the state, and lowlands along the coast.

The White Mountains—the northern range of the Appalachians—dominate the western swath of Maine. Crystal lakes and streams are full of brook trout and landlocked salmon. Moose and black bear forage in the ponds and clearings while owls hunt for rodents among the spruce and balsam fir.

The forests continue nearly unbroken through the highlands. More than 80 percent of Maine is forested. Where second growth stands of spruce, balsam fir, hardwood, and hemlock have replaced the once-dominant white pine, the density of the woods is a testament to the resiliency of nature.

In the farthest northern reach of the highlands in Aroostook County, the landscape changes to fertile farmland—the only commercially viable farmland in the state, where sweeping fields are planted with potatoes.

The most classic views of Maine are found along the coast, where waves pound against jagged granite blocks. The most extreme tides in the world are recorded in the Bay of Fundy, at the farthest eastern tip of coastal Maine.

Maine RN Licensure

· Temporary License Time-Frame: Unavailable
· Permanent License Time-Frame: 1-2 weeks
· Compact (eNLC): Yes
· Walk-Through: No
· Cost: $75 (temporary license), $75 (permanent license)
· Application Requirements:  N/A
· Nursys: Yes
· Livescan Fingerprinting: 
· Renewal Requirements: None
· Renewal Date: Every 2 years
· Website:
· Telephone Number: 207.287.1133