Travel Nursing Jobs in Kansas

Travel nursing jobs in Kansas give you an experience full of classic American charm. See the tallgrass prairies and authentic cattle ranches, then dig into Kansas’ famous “pit style” barbecue, found at restaurants all over the state. Larger cities like Topeka and Wichita offer exciting arts and entertainment opportunities, and college town Lawrence has a fun, funky vibe with a lively nightlife scene. Check out our available Kansas travel nursing jobs below.

Travel Nurse Across America is the travel nursing agency for you – in Kansas and across the country! We offer competitive travel nursing pay, excellent benefits and personal service to each of our nurses.

Here’s a list of travel nursing jobs by occupation and specialty. Click on your specialty to see all of the positions available in Kansas.

Specialty Openings
CathLab RN 1 View Jobs
ER RN 1 View Jobs
ICU RN 4 View Jobs
LD RN 3 View Jobs
MedSurg RN 9 View Jobs
NICU RN 1 View Jobs
Oncology RN 1 View Jobs
OR RN 5 View Jobs
PED RN 2 View Jobs
PICU RN 2 View Jobs
Radiology RN 1 View Jobs
TELE RN 1 View Jobs

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More about Kansas

In the western part of the state, the underlying Great Plains soils have eroded into shallow gullies, adding interest to an otherwise unbroken horizon.

As you move east, you descend gradually to the lower Osage Plains. The eastern Kansas landscape rolls gently along, gathering into low hills in places.

In the central eastern part of the state, the soil is composed of chunks of tough flint and limestone, leftovers from the ancient prairie sea. Because this soil is too rocky to plow, the largest remaining stretch of tall grass prairie, which once blanketed the mid section of the country, has been preserved in this region.

The northeastern corner of the state is hilly and timbered, its uneven surface recalling the passage of the last major glacier. Oak, hickory, and elm take over from the otherwise dominant cottonwood.

The roughest terrain in the state is in the southeast, where oak and hickory stands march toward the Ozarks of Arkansas. Apart from these corners, very little of the state is forested. What trees you see are mostly the cottonwoods that trace the courses of rivers and streams.

Throughout Kansas, game birds abound: quail, pheasants, and prairie chickens dart among the seasonal wild flowers and sunflower patches. Look for members of the rebounding deer population along the cottonwood-lined creeks.

Kansas RN Licensure

· Temporary License Time-Frame: 7-10 business days
· Permanent License Time-Frame: 2-4 weeks
· Compact (eNLC): No (pending eNLC legislation)
· Walk-Through: No
· Cost: $123
· Application Requirements:  N/A
· Nursys: Yes
· Livescan Fingerprinting: Yes, there is a form on the website to request fingerprint cards. You can livescan if you make an appointment at the KS BON
· Renewal Requirements: CEU - 30 hours
· Renewal Date: Every 2 years
· Website:
· Telephone Number: 785.296.4929