Travel Telemetry RN Jobs

Travel Nurse Across America has TELE Travel Nurse jobs around the country. You’ll provide care by connecting patients to machines that measure heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, as well as blood-oxygen levels and electrocardiogram information. Telemetry RNs read and interpret the data to better determine patient care.

When you become a travel nurse with TNAA, you’ll experience one of the best travel nurse benefits packages in the industry. We offer our nurses paid sick leave, Low Census Protection™, ideal housing options, travel reimbursement, licenses and certifications paid for or reimbursed, health insurance, and opportunities for bonuses.

State Openings
Alaska 1 View Jobs
Arizona 20 View Jobs
California 100 View Jobs
Connecticut 32 View Jobs
Florida 16 View Jobs
Georgia 9 View Jobs
Hawaii 1 View Jobs
Illinois 9 View Jobs
Indiana 4 View Jobs
Kansas 2 View Jobs
Kentucky 5 View Jobs
Louisiana 5 View Jobs
Maine 3 View Jobs
Maryland 35 View Jobs
Massachusetts 22 View Jobs
Michigan 10 View Jobs
Missouri 14 View Jobs
Montana 2 View Jobs
New Hampshire 2 View Jobs
New Jersey 5 View Jobs
New Mexico 2 View Jobs
New York 13 View Jobs
North Carolina 45 View Jobs
North Dakota 3 View Jobs
Ohio 3 View Jobs
Oklahoma 5 View Jobs
Oregon 6 View Jobs
Pennsylvania 32 View Jobs
Rhode Island 1 View Jobs
South Carolina 6 View Jobs
Tennessee 1 View Jobs
Texas 12 View Jobs
Vermont 1 View Jobs
Virginia 18 View Jobs
Washington 24 View Jobs
West Virginia 7 View Jobs
Wisconsin 7 View Jobs

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