Travel PCU RN Jobs

Travel Nurse Across America has PCU Travel Nurse jobs available nationwide. You’ll care for patients who require close monitoring and frequent assessment, but aren’t unstable enough to need ICU care. PCU RNs utilize computer equipment to monitor cardiac and other vital information, detecting any changes and thereby enabling intervention of life-threatening or emergency situations.

TNAA is proud to offer one of the best travel nurse benefits packages in the industry. Our benefits packages include paid sick leave, guaranteed pay, up to $1,000 travel reimbursement, multiple housing options, fully paid or reimbursed licensing and certifications, expansive insurance coverage, and multiple bonus opportunities.

State Openings
Alabama 1 View Jobs
Arizona 1 View Jobs
California 14 View Jobs
Colorado 1 View Jobs
Florida 4 View Jobs
Georgia 2 View Jobs
Illinois 2 View Jobs
Kentucky 4 View Jobs
Louisiana 4 View Jobs
Massachusetts 2 View Jobs
New Hampshire 2 View Jobs
North Carolina 17 View Jobs
North Dakota 1 View Jobs
Ohio 4 View Jobs
Oklahoma 1 View Jobs
Oregon 13 View Jobs
Pennsylvania 2 View Jobs
Texas 1 View Jobs
Utah 1 View Jobs
Virginia 10 View Jobs
Washington 8 View Jobs

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