Loyalty Cash Bonus Program

Hard work & dedication was never so rewarding!

Travel Nurse Across America offers a unique benefit that you won't find anywhere else. Our Loyalty Cash Bonus program allows you to earn points for every hour you work and redeem those points for cash. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. Redeem points for bonus cash and use the cash for anything - holiday shopping, home improvements or an overdue vacation. Get sick and miss a few days of work? Redeem points to make up for the lost pay. Want to take a few weeks off between assignments? Request a point redemption before your current assignment ends and have cash to see you through until you're ready to work again.

With the Loyalty Cash Bonus program, you earn one point for every hour worked while on assignment with Travel Nurse Across America. Once you've reached 1,300 points (fewer than three assignments) you can redeem your points for cash!

With the flexibility that's built into our Loyalty Cash Bonus program, you're in charge! Contact a recruiter for more details or to start earning your Loyalty Cash Bonus points today!

Plan eligibility: One hour worked equals one loyalty point. Each point is worth $0.50. Hours worked include regular, overtime, call back, orientation and holiday hours. Travelers must earn a minimum of 1,300 points to be eligible. Loyalty Points can be redeemed at anytime while on active assignment with TNAA. Travelers will continue to accumulate loyalty points with each TNAA assignment. If there are loyalty points remaining when you leave an assignment, they will be available as soon as you resume traveling with TNAA.

Loyalty Cash Bonus Calculator

One point is equivalent to $.50

1300 points = $650
1500 points = $750
2000 points = $1,000
2500 points = $1,250
3000 points = $1,500